The Sole Devotion of Chao

MCC_Sneakers1Chao has an incurable shoe habit. Now, you might be wondering why a chef (whose feet are rarely seen by the public) would have that many shoes? The world may never know.

Apparently he almost never buys his sneakers in stores–he tries them on and then goes online to find them for less. Which, to me, seems like a lot of effort… but, to each his own. Just in case you’re wondering, his two sites of of choice are and


The only shoes he does splurge on? His cycling shoes. (I think we mentioned before he’s an avid cyclist/cyclocross rider.)


According to Chao, he’s been a shoe fiend for years. With each big move, however, most of his shoes don’t make the cut—except for the lime green/white Adidas with the aliens on top (photo). They are Chao’s oldest pair, his most comfortable and the most beat up. And no, he didn’t draw the aliens on himself.


xA note from Chao:

Right now I’ve got pretty much every color I need–but I just realized I don’t have any green shoes, so if anyone knows of any cool green shoes (bold, emerald green), let me know? Oh, and if any shoe companies want to send me shoes (especially you, Supra & Adidas), I’m a size 9.

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