Phuket, Day 14

By the time we got to Phuket, we were exhausted… the weather was a bit overcast… but none of that mattered. We were finally in a place where we’d be able to lie low, in warm weather–no packing for five whole days.

It’s not that we didn’t love all of our tours and pre-planned visits and behind-the-scenes walk-throughs, but when you hit all of those things on a rigorous schedule like ours? We needed a break.

When we arrived we headed straight to our condo on Kamala Beach, located just outside the main area of Patong Beach. Back when we were planning the trip (which seems like it was 10 years ago, by the way), we chose Kamala Beach specifically so we’d be a little removed from the craziness of Patong. Arriving at the condo, we couldn’t have been more pleased with our decision. [Insert giant pat on back here.]

Our condo was absolutely stunning. Three bedrooms (just in case we wanted to switch it up a little?); a big, beautiful kitchen and dining room; and, the best part, a massive patio overlooking the ocean. Under most circumstances, we would have dropped our luggage and hit the town. But you just can’t leave a spot like that immediately. You need to savor it. You need to relish it. No, seriously, you personally:

Phuket-View-1 Phuket-View-2 Phuket-View-4 Phuket-View-5


After a bit of relaxing, we headed out for the night in Patong, met up with some friends, and celebrated our first evening in Thailand.

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