Mike and Chao Announce Plans for Brand New Restaurant Concept in Chicago

We’ve been all over Chicago, all over the Country, and now, all over the WORLD pursuing the activity we love most. EATING. What more do you want from us!?! It’s time to bring it all back home. We’re pleased to announce the next step in the world of Mike and Chao: a restaurant. That’s right. A RESTAURANT. You can read about it on Eater.com, Chicago Magazine’s Dish, Grubstreet, and The Feast to learn a little more. If you are the kind of person who needs a visual to accompany all of those tiny words against the white background… well, then we’ve got you covered. Check this out:

Announcing Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar, a neighborhood restaurant that unites Japanese culinary tradition and creativity with a distinctly American persona. Embracing American warmth and character with classic cultural touch points such as graffiti and rock-and-roll while juxtaposing them with the high art and ritual of Japanese cuisine, reveals a restaurant that is warm, stylish and a unique culinary adventure. Think: a place where Japanese-style grilled meat, vegetables and fish (kushiyaki) meet sushi, snacks and sake. A true riff on what is expected or traditional – East or West.

Want to know more? This is where we’ll be until May 2011 when we open at 230 West Erie Street – Franklin and Erie for those of you who haven’t figured out the grid system yet. Keep visiting our blog!

Just a Hint:

Our Twitter followers will get exclusive previews and our most dedicated followers will receive invites to opening events. Long story short, we’d go ahead and follow @mikeandchaochow on Twitter. It’ll be worth it.

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