This summer has been, yes, pretty hot, a little stormy… but fun as hell. Somewhere between cocktails at UpBar, heating things up in the kitchen, and tweeting ’til our fingers were numb, the summer seems to have passed us by… but it’s not over yet.

We’ve done it again, friends. Mike, Chao, and the crew at Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar are conquering what might just be the final frontier of beach season. It’s an event—a way of life, really—that’s as dangerous as it is exotic, steeped in history and sand, brought to Chicago this year for the very first time. Yes, it’s beach polo.

Image c/o Chicago Beach Polo

We are very proud to announce that Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar is an official sponsor of the Chicago Beach Polo World Cup 2011, so obviously we’re celebrating with some free VIP tickets.


Two all-inclusive VIP tickets to the Chicago Beach Polo Cup World Cup


VIP access to the opening and closing parties

In short, roll with us and you’ll be an insider at one of the coolest equestrian events in Chicago. (Note to self: practice polo swagger.) The World Cup itself will be held on North Avenue Beach in a custom-built arena, but before any of that, we’re getting things going with a little launch event, held right here at the restaurant.

Are we ready to do our part to introduce Chicago to the great sport of polo? Hellz. Yes. We’re excited to welcome (and feed) polo fans and friends from across the city, the country, and, of course, the world. (It is called the World Cup.) Yep, we’re talking Australia, England, Argentina, India, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Thailand, and it’s our job to keep the sake flowing and the sushi rolling.

And just in case you’re still completely lost:

What is Beach Polo?

Well, it’s basically the same as its blue-blooded brother—horses, mallets, inflated ball (you get the picture). One less rider (and horse) per team compete than in regular polo, but the goal is the same: SCORE. The arena polo grounds will be one-tenth the size of a regular polo field and enclosed by four-feet-high walls set to keep the ball in play.


So, do YOU want to hit the 2011 Beach Polo World Cup, VIP-style? Enter your information below for the chance to win!

(And make sure you’re following us on Twitter so we can polo it up with you in 140 characters or less. Follow @eatatunion AND @mikeandchaochow!)

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