March Madness: The Duck Wing Eating Contest

March Madness, certainly at your age, is a spectator’s sport. You graduated years ago. And, while you still passionately cheer for your alma mater, you’re rooting from hundreds of miles away, from some sports bar, filled with people who you did not go to school with. It’s even a little sad, really.

Don’t you miss having a little skin in the game?

Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar is giving you a chance to re-live the passion and the glory of March Madness all over again. This time it’s all riding on you. Introducing: The Duck Wing Eating Contest.










Since opening our doors in the Spring of 2011, our Duck Wings have become a cult favorite—juicy, yet gooey, fall-off-the-bone-fried, and smothered in spicy sauce… It’s an addiction. Now, we want to know: how many can you eat!? C’mon. Push yourself!