Pumpkin Mochi is Back on the Menu!


Pumpkin Mochi is Back on the Menu Tonight
…and Even Better than Before! 
There are only a handful of good things that come with the cooling of the weather. Accessorizing with jackets, roaring fires, and Pumpkin Mochi Cake at Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar.

Last year’s hit went into hibernation for the warmer months, and now has come back even more delicious. Chef Chao has outdone himself…and the results are crave-able. Think hollowed out Pumpkin Cake, filled with rich, cream cheese ice cream, smothered in caramel sauce and garnished with pumpkin seed brittle. The result is sweet, rich, savory, crunchy, cinnamon-y…and just plain good. Make a Reservation

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