Meet Mike and Chao


This is a blog about food. Good food. It’s written by two guys who like food. We like to eat food, talk about food, cook food. We’re both good at cooking food. One of us is really good. Our names are Mike and Chao, so it only made sense for us to use the word “chow” in the title.

We’ve been chowing for some time, but had to fit it into a “schedule” and careers that weren’t always conducive to our chow-hungry natures.

Mike is a 30-something Chicagoan who put his time in living in NYC, traveling both the country and the world, before returning to Chicago in 2006. Throughout, he’s endured corporate life in order to finance his restaurant habit. Chao is a chef, amateur cyclocross racer and sneaker enthusiast. He arrives most everywhere by bike because, in his words, ‘The way I drink, I’m better off on a bike,’ but he’s just kidding…

Which brings us to our next question: How did a West Loop Jewish kid from Lake Forest meet up with a tattooed chef of Thai origins and become eating partners “4 lyfe”?
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