Check, Please! Visits Us on Wednesday 8.15.12





We are super psyched to have learned that one of our dedicated guests have recommended Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar for a turn on Chicago’s favorite food show: Check, Please!  

Every guest endorsement makes us proud…this one, especially so!

Want to apart of the filming magic?  Make your reservation for Wednesday between 6pm – 8:30pm and you’ll be “on location” at one of our biggest shoots of the year!



Chao How-To: Fish Carving!

Chao Makes Short Work Of Hard Work

We know you like to know what we do around here, especially Chao’s handiwork in the kitchen! We brought you Chao Lays Down An Oyster Shucking, and now we bring you Chao carving fish–one BIG, one little.

First, how to turn a whole salmon into small plates:

Now, Chao gets to the minutiae with this wonderfully flavorful, little fish, the sayori:

We take this same kind of care with everything we do here at Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar. Come for a visit; stay as long as you’d like!

The Kids Are Alright: Kiddie Bentos Launch at Union


(Urban) kids today. They have closets that boast concert tees from The Ramones and The Police. They love the nightlife at Baby Loves Disco. They know their way around an iPhone, practically from birth. And they expect more from their dining experience than they used to. After all, their palates have evolved… they are looking for a happier meal.

Enter the Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar Kiddie Bento Boxes:


For $10 each, these mini, two-tiered boxes boast a bowl of Vegetable Soba Yaki Noodles, a small serving of Barbequed Eel garnished with carrot and cucumber in a sweet soy sauce, a Sweet Potato “Tater Tot” and a choice of Chicken Teriyaki, Wagyu Beef Teriyaki or a Breaded Pork Cutlet with Tokatsu Sauce. Scroll down to learn how your little one can enjoy a FREE bento box at Union!

Announcing the Fourth Guy in the Booth…

For our latest contest, we teamed up with 3 Guys in a Booth to find a fourth guy/girl to join them in the booth at the 2011 Chicago Beach Polo World Cup, where they’ll be filming a live episode with some delicious eats from Union.

We asked you all to tell us about the sexiest food to eat on a date. Well, we’re very excited to announce the winner of our contest, chosen for his layered, thoughtful response to our request. He’ll be joining James Rhine, Jerry Azumah, and Derrick Hill for an episode shot on location at the Chicago Beach Polo World Cup. How’d he do it? Take a look at his answer, below, as well as the two runners-up. Great job, everyone!



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar will be opening its doors for business this Tuesday, May 10, 2011, at 4:00 PM. After many months filled with eating, blogging, drinking, rolling, traveling, cooking, and a bit more eating—we’re ready to go. We hope you are, too.


We’ll see you all at the restaurant. We’ll have a chilled glass of sake and a fresh-from-the-Robata skewer waiting for you.

First Look at Our Kushiyaki Menu and a NEW VIDEO!

As preparations continue for our grand opening, we are pleased to announce yet another sneak peek behind the curtain: Our comprehensive Kushiyaki program, an ever-evolving menu of beef filets and chicken wings and lamb chops… and whatever else Chao can skewer and grill on our glorious, four-foot Robata Grill.



n. the formal term for all things skewered and grilled: meat, poultry, offal, vegetables and fish. Examples from Union’s opening menu: Jumbo Shrimp with kabanyaki black pepper + sesame, Lamb Chop with garlic-soy, and so on.



n. Translated as “around the fireplace,” this is a traditional Japanese grilling technique that takes
place over hot coals that are painstakingly maintained at 600° F.

To better prepare ourselves for the art of Kushiyaki, we looked to man’s long history with meat on a stick. It is a relationship that harkens back to man’s humble beginnings, and a story worth a few minutes of meat-filled reflection. And so, we give you our latest video…

We hope you enjoyed it.

HOW WE ROLL: The Final Three


Over here at Union/MCC headquarters, the month of February was unofficially sushi month. We had our How We Roll contest, put together a few videos showing you how Chao rolls, and even had a little mayoral sushi.

And then we got down to the real work: choosing our final three contestants. Now that–that was a challenge. After reading through pages and pages of some of the most bizarre, hilarious, and delicious-sounding rolls we’ve encountered, we’ve narrowed it down to a final three. These three rolls were chosen based on their creativity and, well, how good we think they’ll taste.

The three contestants below will be joining us for an exclusive, sneak peek dinner at Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar (before it’s open to the public) for the final judge’s table, and the winner will win a $500 Southwest gift card and a spot on our opening menu (which is coming together quite nicely, thank you for asking).

Without further ado, we give you the finalists…


Tammy Brody’s

Fried pork belly strips, hamachi, cucumber, orange tobiko, scallions, chili paste, crispy tempura crumbs and a zig-zag of eel sauce over the top. Served with pickled radish on the side.

Libby Christopoulos’

Hard boiled egg chopped in long strips, cucumber, mash cooked yolk, mayo, chipotle, diced sweet pickle and juice, salt, pepper and bacon.

Jason Gasbarra’s

Seared fois gras, tempura style lobster, grilled pear, micro greens. Garnish with masago and serrano aoli.

HOW WE ROLL: The Rahm Emanu-Roll

The square white dish isolated
The square white dish isolated

Chao was feeling pretty inspired this week–inspired by one of your submissions in our month-long How We Roll contest and also by the mayoral election here in Chicago.

And so, we present to you: the Rahm Emanu-Roll. Sweet and spicy like our new mayor; he might not be all that sweet, but there’s no doubt he’s spicy.

The Rahm Emanu-Roll


The square white dish isolated
The square white dish isolated

You might have heard about our month-long How We Roll contest–you know, the chance to win a spot on our opening menu? Well, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re damn impressed by the submissions so far. Chao is downright inspired, which has led to some delicious kitchen adventures in the last few weeks.

In the spirit of sharing how we roll, we put together a few rolls on film for you to check out. If you haven’t entered our contest yet, hopefully this will get your creative, sushi-rolling juices flowing. If you’ve already submitted your roll, our hats are off to you. You nailed it.

The Bay Street California
The Old City Market
The Osaka Central